July was quite eventful. I’ll give you an example. Interactive Lab became the first Russian team that created and performed the drone show in Russia. Together with bright engineers from Tsuru Robotics we seem to mark the new milestone in the event marketing in Russia.

Actually, the first made in Russia drone show was the key part of the grand opening of the biggest X5 Retail Group distribution center in Yekaterinburg. So, there’s no point feeling sad if you were not invited. We made the teaser video that shows the essentials of it all. Drones carrying boxes with “cargoes” and bursting into dance in sync with human artists.

You want to get how-to text? We shall not discover all the truth at once. But we promise to tell you everything as soon as the making-of video is ready. Interactive Lab created the idea which moreover happened to be the good name for the show “Logistics Evolved”. As you can guess we decided to show the long and winding way from “manual labor only” stage to the complete robotization brought into all processes.

And then the great work started - together with Tsuru Robotics we taught drones to move with as high agility as it is needed to take part in performances, customized drones, the system for control of group of drones and improved the radiosystem of improved reliability to keep in stable contact with drones, we made thoroughly development of real time tracking system to be able to track moving flying objects having a lot to do in the show.

The point is that we can make teach drones to make whatever we want. Ok, let’s add “almost” to the previous sentence. Moreover, we set about making the tracking system to make it possible to perform drone shows at openairs and other outdoor events. We will present this technology soon.