The 2015 winter Troyka fair brought the world of Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice novels to Moscow streets. At Interactive Lab we developed several installations to complete the project.

Our first kinetic sculpture the ‚looking glass’ was following people passing by with 146 slivers of glass. 146 step motors were constantly alining the fragments so they fix on and follow the most active person. 

As usual our photo booths attracted crowds and printed unique greetings cards: one transformed photos into playing cards, and the other let guests try on Mad Hatter’s hats and create prints inspired by John Tenniel’s illustrations. During the fair we printed 18504 impression of playing cards and 13976 portraits in hats.

A garrulous Mouth and an avid listener Ear created the ‚Jabberwocky’ audio installation, transforming every word to funny nonsense, like Mary-Ann state of mind, or translating it to cat language.

Two more installations let everyone see everything like the inhabitants of the looking glass world would, through the pseudoscope, changing the left and right eye, or hyperscope, making everything around look small, like you took a bite of the ‚eat me’ pie.

We would like to thank the whole team of Troyka Fair for their help and the opportunity to work on this project.