“SLAVA DURAK” 19–24 February 2013, The Central House of Artists, Moscow

Vladimir Mishukov’s photo exhibition featuring the most recognized Russian clown, president of the Academy of Fools — Vyacheslav Polunin.

The key concept of the exhibition layout was jokingly called “5D”. Visitors were immersed into the world behind the photographs with the help of thoroughly designed sound, visuals and light.

The Interactive Lab team took part in both: exhibition concept development and interactive installation design and setup.

The core of the exhibition was a 6 meters high polygonal “tree” exclusively assembled for this occasion from “eazzy” cardboard modules used as a 360 mapping projection surface. The tree was brought to life with a procedurally animated collage made of Vladimir Mishukov’s photos. Synchronized with ambient light it was setting the mood for the exhibition hall.

Near the hall’s entrance we set up a huge multi-touch wall where visitors could find useful information about the exhibition and its partners. The content of the wall was assembled from millions of pixel-sized particles which scattered away every time one touched it.

To the most crowded area at the exhibition — the bar with natural ice cream and various herbal teas — we brought one of our PartyPrints which has been printing Instagram photos during the whole event. Everyone could take a picture of themselves near an exhibit or with Slava Polunin and immediately get a physical copy. Almost 1500 photos with #SlaveDurak hash tag were printed during the exhibition.