It is said that we were born too late to explore earth, and too early to explore space… but nothing prevents us from exploring other dimensions!

To do this, we brought to life the 7D Quest project, which uses virtual reality technology to help expand the boundaries of an already familiar world in order to transfer a person into a world they’ve never seen before.

Together, Interactive Lab and R. POINT the agency of successful campaigns came up with and launched under a very tight deadline a unique and interactive virtual reality quest for Samsung. A special virtual reality space was built at the flagship Samsung Galaxy Studio, located in Europe’s largest shopping center Aviapark in Moscow. The studio is designed for total immersion into virtual reality. Inside, anyone who wishes can be whisked off into 7 surreal dimensions — 7 virtual environments, where different devices manufactured by Samsung were cleverly integrated.

You are immersed into the virtual reality worlds with the Samsung Gear VR headset powered by the Samsung Galaxy S7. Mocap cameras capture your every move, and along the way you pick up the tesseract, a special object that guides you through a mind-blowing journey through the other dimensions. The player's task is to solve a spatial puzzle and find a way out of each dimension, until he passes through the entire quest.  Average playing time is 7-10 minutes.