December 2016, after one year of development, Interactive Lab delivered a project for the company specialized in the development and management of commercial and residential Real Estate.

On an area of 200 square meters (36’x36’) inside the client’s new sales office our team installed “Move in VR” system– a proprietary solution that integrates Samsung Gear VR technology and OptiTrack mocap cameras and motion tracking software with an in-house server and custom mobile applications, to present to the customers in real time and in 1:1 scale how their future apartments and surrounding area facilities will look like and feel.

Once the customer puts on Samsung Gear VR, he can freely walk through the fully furnished rooms of the chosen apartment to see it in all the details and then ask the sales manager to switch to another apartment to explore it as well. Multi-user experience mode is available when couples come to showroom together, or when the customer needs the sales office to walk him through the apartment, commenting it’s special aspects.