METAFORMS – The First Exhibition In Both Realities At Once

METAFORMS – the 1st exhibition in two realities at once. For severals weeks street artists from the Artmossphere Art Union were drawing in virtual reality with the help of the Move In VR System, developed in Interactive Lab. April, 21 – August, 31, 2016 at MARS Center.

During the exhibition everyone has an opportunity to dive into the contemporary art with the help of VR technologies. The artists from the "Artmossphere" Art Union had been creating their art works both in virtual and real worlds. For all artists we've developed the unique tools to let them draw in their own styles.

Moreover, the guests of the Metaforms can have a look not at only the art works itselves but at the creative process as well, by simply putting on the Gear VR one can immerse into the art process and watch how the artist was searching, thinking, creating 

Artists: Nootk, Misha Most, Aesthetics (Petro/Slack), Pokras Lampas, Aber, Alexey Kit & Ivan Benr, ЖЖ