In a series of events dedicated to the new Marlboro style it was necessary to create several interactive installations that reflect the new mood of the brand chosen as a guide in a new image of party-rabbit.

Three events in major Moscow night clubs and a corporate event abroad. Real-time VJ and live motion capture for nearly the entire set. Event PR in lifestyle mass-media, based on installation images.

Unique set of stage equipment including the most advanced motion capture suit, graphics server, real-time visualization system and special terminal for VJ-ing and controlling special effects using an iPad. Two Kinect installations in the lounge available for every guest. Character control was combined with a special physical controller that allowed one to turn on and off the light in real and virtual worlds.

Creative Idea
Controlled by people’s movement or with special equipment on the stage the branded promo character became an avatar for any guest allowing them to imagine themselves as a virtual rabbit in front of Kinect installations or on the stage. Morphing rabbit gave the party a shade of mystery changing its appearance whenever light turns on. For example, instead of hands he grew wings and horns instead of ears.