All the guests became part of a dance&visual performance. The only think they had to do was to take an iPod touch and plug the earphones. Oleg Glushkov’s voice guided them, directing every move. Every performing guest had it’s own special part. As the dance progressed all the individual parts started to combine and fused in a powerful finale. Following the director’s commands ‚performers‘ had a chance to control the lights, VJ-projections and sound with their iPod’s.

AV installation
An interactive video performance generator encouraging event’s guests to take the first step in the brand’s J+G performance platform by creating a cool instagram video. Every movement in front of the camera was repeated by chasing echoes, stressing the beauty of every single move. All the video processing was done in realtime using Touchdesigner, so guests had an instant visual feedback on the screen in front of them. A hostess on an iPad registered all the guests before the interaction and all the videos were forwarded to their e-mails.

VJ set
To support the music performances on stage we prepared an interactive VJ set. All the show visuals were based on realtime data captured by a Structure depth camera connected to an iPad and transmitted to Resolume wirelessly via WiFi. One of this setup’s advantages was the it’s total independence of the dance floor illumination: only depth data captured in IR was used.