Flight over the Moscow city

As part of the communication platform InSight we offered fans of Heineken Brand to relive a unique experience - a flight in the virtual reality above Moscow. Not just a 'virtual roller coaster', but a game. Heineken brand stars were scattered all over the flight path: those who scored the maximum number of stars received prizes from the brand. Everybody could observe the current flight on the screen installed next to the installation.

To collect database and account for all the statistics, we have created the electronic registration system with help of the iPad connected to a local server. Hostesses were adding the contact details of the player before each flight.


The installation has been prepared as a mobile toolkit for BTL-activations Heineken. It was easy to transport between different sites and it does not require additional preparation space.

4D Experience

For virtual reality flight we have developed a special mechanism that helps players to keep balance. In addition, the stand was equipped with a fan, which added "presence" of the effect of blowing wind in the player's face during the flight over Moscow.