Virtual reality was always a single person experience but Interactive Lab in collaboration with Departament Event Marketing and Sila Sveta proved it could be done for a numerous audience!

For the new Audi Q7 launch we created the VR show for 100 simultaneous viewers. There were no screens, projectors, spot lights, nothing what you would expect from a show! Only the powerful sound and a hundred of Samsung Gear VR goggles.

During the event we did 10 flights of the show, one right after another, almost non-stop; so 800 viewers immersed themselves in the #imagineQ7 virtual world.

For this project Interactive Lab was challenged to build and support all the vast technological stuff and make the infrastructure robust. We designed and developed the way to control 100 VR headsets simultaneously and to guarantee it is hickup-proof during the show, we've also made the system able to update the content and sync the show’s start. To monitor the VR show ad it goes we created a control panel where we had live status report: devices’ temperature and battery readings as the content & app version.