In order for the clients of Air France to be able to take a virtual trip to Peru, our 360 dergee camera and us had to take a real trip to South America.

In order to make it even more realistic, it was important not only to show the final destination of the trip – the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu – but also film the main elements of the airplane journey (since the project was created for an airline). We had to do both daytime and nighttime shootings in Moscow, in Sheremetievo Airport in Moscow and Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, in the hub of Air France airline. The most unusual experience from his stage of the shootings turned out to be the shooting on board of A320, staying the night in Sheremetievo before a morning flight to Paris.


12 000 KM, 11 DAYS

The shootings in Peru turned out be very intense – we only had 11 days to do everything. For a country full of so many interesting places like Peru, this is really not much. We had to not only choose and see, but also film all the most exciting places.

We arrived in Lima and almost straight away headed into town with our camera.

Then we had a flight to Cusco, and the road to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. It seemed that such beauty is impossible to beat, but then we had to drive through the valley of the Urubamba River on a unique train Belmond Hiram Bingham at the foot of Machu Picchu, in the town Aquas Calientes. We also had some time to film during our train journey. It became obvious that something special awaits us on this journey.


A few days we have been trying to get the right weather in the ancient city of the Incas, and in the rain we climbed to the top of Vayanu Picchu to film the panorama of the city from above. It was absolutely worth it – we have never seen anything like it!

Afterwards we headed back to Cusco, and flew to Arequipa, a city in southern Peru, where the mountain passes we reached Kolka Canyon, one of the deepest in the world. Ever since then we started our journey back home, back to Arequipa, flight to Lima, Paris and then finally back to Moscow.

The journey turned out to be difficult, only lima was the city located on a comfortable altitude, right by the ocean, all the other destinations were not lower than 2500m above sea level and working at those altitudes in a thin atmosphere, was difficult if you are not used to something like that, but the mountain mint tea and coca leaves were saving us. However, the most difficult thing was to shrink the three hours of material in the few minutes of the final video.